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Sonic Electronic Facial Brush

£8.50 £70

Cleansing – the essential first step in a healthy skin care routine. Without proper cleansing, make-up, oil and dirt can affect the appearance and the health of your skin. Sonic +PLUS is a highly sophisticated face brush that uses the power of Sonic Technology to provide gentle cleansing and exfoliation to bring out your natural, beautiful and radiant skin. Improve your skin care routines with a single powerful device! 

Sonic +PLUS can be used on any skin type including sensitive skin and other skin conditions. 

Sonic +PLUS is great for dry, aging skin, oil prone and problematic skin. Switch your favourite cleansing wash dramatically increases the effectiveness. Excellent for both women and men.

2-speed options: Speed 1 (green indicator) is gentle for sensitive skin. Speed 2 (red indicator) is developed for normal skin

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Trisha B.
Love it! Really feel my skin is so much cleaner now! Skin looks fresher and brighter

As above

Kiera V.
Absolutely love

It does the job at such an amazing price too! Deffffo best purchase ever

urszula v.g.
Sonic facial brush

It’s gentle and it cleans the skin from dirt deeply without damaging the outer layer of the skin

Sarah F.

Excellent product

Rashmita W.

This product I’d brilliant and my skin feels clean and refreshing

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