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This SUPERANTIOXIDANT™ delivers a high amount of pharmaceutical grade ferulic acid to the skin in providing an antioxidant shield against harmful effects of the environment.  When combined with a Cosmetic Skin Solutions SUPREME SERUM CE™, a SYNERGISTICINTERACTION™ produces an increased level of effectiveness against free radicals giving this one uniquely formulated SUPERANTIOXIDANT™ an extraordinary high level of photoprotection.  Your skin complexion will become pronounced, brighter, tighter, firmer, healthier, wonderfully protected, and younger looking. 


Ferulic Acid, Asiatic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid

Use 1-2 drops. Best to use with our Supreme Serum CE

Patch testing is recommended.

Customer Reviews

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Great site with great prices

Great site with great prices

Julie L.
Silky Finish

This product has a nice silky feel and absorbs quickly onto the skin. First time use so not sure yet of benefits but love the retinol cream and vitamin c serum so I’m sure it will prove good in time. Thank you

Karen B.
Feels lovely on

I apply the vit c first as it absorbs quicker/easier, then ferulic acid 2nd as it is more gloopy. If I apply too close together they go all creamy white so I carry on dressing in between. Feels lovely on and soaks in well. I apply 2 drops to forehead, 1 to nose, 1 on each cheek and 1 on chin and that covers whole face and neck well. They give my skin a lovely glow, sometime I forget my moisturiser! Can’t say I’ve noticed a massive difference after a month of continual use every morning, but I feel like I must be doing good, so I’ll carry on! Bit expensive, but still cheaper than skinCuticals. Lovely, easy to use bottle/dropper - I keep them in their boxes as my bottles live near a window.

Karen S.
glowing skin

I use this product after applying the vitamin C serum and have been really happy with results. My skin looks healthy and glowing.

Supreme ferulic lives up to its name!

Really like this serum it does not upset my sensitive skin and has appeared to have faded a few pigmentation areas other vitamin C/Ferulic’s have not affected. Leaves my skin glowing and combined with the Supreme Vitamin C is a very effective product at half the price of others.

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